This week at The Club were straight back into it after a huge week of Easter Eggs & Celebrations!!!


2-4-1 pizzas, $5 Club Beer and Wine for our tight-ass Tuesday sessions, Wednesday were fully booked for Mordys Least Shit Trivia hosted by the Handsome Hugo is always good for a laugh, at his expense…


Wine Knot Thursdays kick off with Open Mike where you can sing for your supper from 8pm, But from 6pm we have $10 parmas to get a hearty feed in before the festivities and $15 Bottles of Wine with any feed!!! We also have Dan Fabris Spinning up a storm on the Decks for your earholes from 9-11pm, but were open till 1am cos fridays a public holiday!!!


Our House Fridays brings you our usual $5 pizzas from 930pm till Midnight and some killer acts from 8pm!


The return of the infamous Ghost Sultana as he gears up fro a solid set of Sexual Audio Candy from 8pm for you to shake your tail feather for Saturday Supper!!!


Cheeky Sundays this week has the lovely Sarah Rzek up n at it from 2pm and then jessica jade to bring in home from 5pm with everyones favourite White Trash homie, Carrie Oaky from 8pm to wrap up your Wknd!!!


Dont forget we do $5 Pizzas Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 Thirty till late every wknd!!! Stop in for your late night Supper and share a cosy evening with your favourite crew at The Club!!!



If you took offence to that comment you are most likely racist, but we will still love your sinning soul…..but more importantly it’s EASTER!!!!!!

To kick off our Easter long wknd at The Club we’ve got Michael Kopp dropping in on our Open Mike session from 9pm tonight!

$10 parma’s, $15 club wine bottles & $5 basics are the real rock stars!!!

We’re definitely open for Good Friday like usual with another killer line up of local acts representing the Our House stage!
Kopp Tab
Tamara Violet
Damien Platt

$5 pizzas and $10 Beer Buckets from 8pm!

This Saturday we are blessed for the return of Walker!!! A man from lands far away, coming to grace us with his fusion of all that is sexy for the ears on his acoustic guitar, kickin off at 8pm!!!

Sunday will possibly be shizenhauss weather but the sounds of Bad Ass Bruce n Co from 2pm and Emma Beau from 5pm will make this Cheeky Sunday session a tasty entree for our main meal with Carrie Oaky a At 8pm, bringin our Easter Long Wknd to a close!!!

Have a snazzy Easter Long Wknd with your loved ones and we’ll see you at the club for a feed and a good time!!!


As the colder weather sets in and we say farewell to Day light saving it’s the perfect time to come warm your cockles at the SupperClub.

Plenty of great entertainment, eats and drink specials lined up for you this weekend!

Feed of the week is our delicious Satay Chicken Skewers!
And drink of the week a drink that we promise tastes better then it sounds!
The Purple Headed Yoghurt Slinger
A delicious mix of Cointreau, Amaretto and Cranberry!


Friday night will be another Cracker and Our House and the Footy on In the Cave upstairs!


Saturday is the funky tunes Of Arty Del Rio to get everyone out of their seats for a post dinner boogey!

Cheeky Sundays has our man Andy Robinson keeping you entertained throughout the arvo and get ready to finish the weekend with club Bad Girl Carrie Oaky! As well as our usual delightful Sunday drink specials!

See you at the club Homies

Free drinks all week all the time at the club this week to celebrate our favourite month of the year.

Gotcha… April fools! But we do have some delicious treats and ear candy lined up for the week!

Open mic kicks of the weekends entertainment along with $10 parma’s, $15 club wine bottles and $5 basics.
Come down and sing your heart out for a free pizza and beer!

Friday night our house brings us All day weekend, Jessica Holt and Chloe Violette as well as $5 pizzas and $10 buckets!

Saturday night we have DJ Grant Camov back at the club. He’s been killing it in melbourne this year so get down for a tasty set from 8-11!

Cheeky Sundays has been pumping lately and this week should be no exception with Jessica Jade Kicking things off followed by our boy Bruce’s Supper Club debut and our home girl Carrie Oaky finishing off your week with a bang!!

Come on down and have a somersby with us ;) xox

Get your best suit and your Sex Panther out of the closet and prepare yourself for a big weekend at the Club!

“Sing for Your Supper” at Open Mic night on Thursday or just enjoy the local talent along with a $10 Parma and a $15 bottle of Club Wine or $5 basic Spirit!

Our House Fridays across two levels again with Alanna Deutrom, Erik Parker and Parkervue to keep your toes tappin. $5 pizzas and $10 Beer Buckets!


Saturday night sees the Channel 4 news teams king of cool Bryan Fantana return to the Supper Club to get you up and groovin! Bryan will be behind the decks from 8 till L8 to help you dance off your dinner with a few Juicy Lucy’s!


Cheeky Sundays have been rockin lately and this week is sure to be no exception with local legend Denis McCarthy kickin off proceedings followed by Michael Kopp whose back from his stint serenading folk on cruise ships in the Pacific!

You Stay Classy Mordialloc

Come down and enjoy all our usual weekday goodies to distract you as the weather worsens! $10 Parma Sutra Wednesday and Thursday nights!
the Worlds Least Shit Trivia Night Wednesday and Sing for your Supper. Open Mic on Thursday!

Our House Fridays welcomes the return to dry land of Club Favourite Michael Kopp as well as Lu Franco and Taylah Carroll$5 pizzas and $10 Beer Buckets from 8pm!
Upstairs We have the footy on in the ‘man cave’ and $5 Vodddys!

To Celebrate a belated St Pattys day we have Everyone’s favourite Leprechaun Oisin Kelly from 8pm!

Cheeky Sundays has our usual delicious Drink specials as well as the Supper Club debut of Mark Joblin followed by long haired, beer drinkin duo CC Goonsand supper Clubs 1st Lady Carrie Oaky

Peace out homies


This weekend at the club we’re pumping out two delicious Somersby Cider based goodies for drink of the week!


Our House Fridays over 2 levels again!
Featuring top local acts and as always $5 pizzas and $10 Beer buckets!

Come join us and get down to the sounds of club favourite Sarah Rzek!

Cheeky Sundays we got ear candy from 2pm with Jessica Jade, Tillerman Pete from 5pm then waste away your Sunday getting down and durrty with our home girl Carrie Oaky!

Here’s a taste of what’s to come this weekend!Tillerman Pete at the club!

What a weekend we had at the Club and in Mordy! Hope you guys enjoyed the festivities as much as we did!
Things are sure to be grande again this labour day long weekend!

Kick your weekend off early with Wine Knot Thursdays!
Open Mic from 8pm and drink specials all night including $10 Jam Jars, $15 bottles of Club Wine, $5 Basics and of course our famous $10 Parma Sutra

Our House Fridays is set to be a banger as usual! $5 pizza, $10 buckets and $4 Juicy Lucy’s! Open across Both levels!

Saturday Night for your aural pleasure we have Ireland’s Best looking & loveliest export Oisin Kelly.

Cheeky Sunday is set to be a fun night of music, cheap dranks and most importantly Karaoke to make the most of your long weekend!
$4 club beer and wine
$7 Cheeky Rascals
$10 Lick Pier and Fog City!
Plus 2-4-1 drink cards for those brave souls who get on the mic and show us their pipes!

Happy Autumn and see you this week. Xoxox


Join us this weekend as we kiss the sun good bye for another year. This weekend is certainly shaping up to be a big one at the club!

We’ll be kicking things of with Our house Friday which is sure to be yet another belter. Fill your stomachs with $5 Pizzas, your ears with the Sounds of Andre McMillan, Kate McLachlan and Ben Janz and forget about your hard week with $10 beer buckets and $4 Juicy Lucy and Elton John Shots!

Mordy Fest kicks off Saturday so come kick on with us and enjoy the delicious rootsy tunes of Matt Katsis.

Celebrations continue for Mordy Fest Sunday and we at the club Celebrate with the End of Summer Super Supper Session! Drink specials all day including $4 club wines and Beer, $7 Cheeky Rascals and $10 Fog City sangrias and Lick Pier ginger beer!To get you on your feet we have CC Goons kickin things off from 2pm followed by Walker from 5pm!
To close out a big weekend of sun, music, food, wine and Mordy Fest is Sunday regular and favourite Carrie Oaky till late!

Don’t forget about our delicious drink of the week, Grandmas Hot Apple Pie a big ol’ glass of Somersby Apple Cider spiked with a hit of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky


See you this weekend!

Come down to the club and feel the love Friday night and allll week long.

Still a couple of tables available Wednesday night For you for all you quiz heads out there, and as always delicious $10 Parma sutra.

Last week saw the launch of Wine Knot Thursdays Our drink specials were going off, $15 club wine bottles, $10 Jam Jars, $4 juicy Lucy and Elton John Shots, $5 Basic Spirits as well as out second night of Back to Back Parma Sutra!
So come down for these tasty treats, as well as Singing for your Supper at our Weekly Open Mic night!

Bring down your sweet heart for a Valentines Day Our house Friday $10 beer Buckets and $5 pizza till late as well as an awesome line up as usual!

********Aimee Chambers, Tamara Violet & Ems*********

Also rumour has it our Resident Heartbreaker and bartender Corey is looking for a cute girl to kiss and make his own Valentine!

This Saturday night CC Goons are back at the club to Aurally Pleasure you…

Cheeky Sunday This week we have our favourite dreadlocked man Tiller man Pete followed by local fave Sarah Rzek and Cult hero Carrie Oaky!

See your faces this week xox


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